“The Process”

Check out this post from Cristian Mihai…it’s worth your time.

Cristian Mihai

process Sometimes when I tell people I’m a writer they ask me about my process – how do I write. I find it to be a pretty funny question, and I often tell them that all I do is sit at my computer and type. Like I’m doing just now.

It might sound like me being arrogant, but it’s not. I don’t outline, I don’t make plans. I just write.

It all starts with a vision… can I call it that? An image, a sound, a conversation. A whisper. And that becomes a scene, and I replay it in my head, over and over again, always adding more, until I have something. It’s just a glimpse of something or a glimpse of nothing… only time will tell.

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Keep on writing, reading, and when you can…use a fountain pen.

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